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"Harmony Hears A Hoot"
A Children's Book by Fara Augustover M.A. CCC-SLP

A children's book about a young owl who relates to kids with and without hearing loss and teaches tolerance with her adventures! Follow Harmony on her first day of school as she meets new friends, enjoys her classes, and teaches everyone what it's like to have something unique about themselves.

Harmony Hears A Hoot Hearing Loss Aids

Who is Harmony?

"Harmony Hears A Hoot" follows a young owl who has a hearing loss. She already has a diagnosis, listening devices (e.g. hearing aids, cochlear implants, BaHa's, etc.), and now it's time to venture off to school. Learn with Harmony as she experiences meeting new people and the questions/situations that arise. This book will offer a whimsical account that a young child can relate to, and enjoy as he/she reads the child friendly text, and looks at the colorful illustrations, all while personally associating themselves with the main character, Harmony.

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Who is the author, Fara Augustover, M.A. CCC-SLP?

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, who worked several years in a non-profit clinic in New York City where I developed a specialty in auditory oral therapy. In 2013, I founded my private practice named Island Wide Speech in Bellmore, Long Island, NY. I have presented my research on social conversational skills of children with hearing loss in peer to peer environments at national and local conventions.

Teaching children with hearing loss to be confident, comfortable, and social is my true passion. No diagnosis or device should ever deter a child from feeling like they can be anything they want and more! 


Why Write a Children's Book about Hearing Loss?

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have had the honor of meeting and getting to know many clients and their families. Most of my clients are diagnosed with a hearing loss, which is my clinical focus. Despite successful therapy and academic achievement, these children still risk exhibiting socialization issues, especially with their peers. I have noticed over the years that writing and reading about others they can relate to, has helped my clients blossom and become more confident and independent kids. Based on these observations, I was inspired to write a book that children with hearing loss can relate to, learn from, and enjoy.

Peek inside the book

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Harmony in the Community

Harmony has been traveling through the community sharing her story.
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